Some examples of my work

H.A.C.C.P. Project from Queens College I applied a real problem I found in my field experience as an intern at the Angelo Petromulis senior center to create a 7-step written HACCP plan. I preformed an initial audit of the hazard, an in-service lesson and a second audit to determine if the lesson was effective.

Quantity Food Production Final Project For part A, I modified the menu used at the senior center to create different versions to fit different needs. (pureed, chopped, renal and low sugar diet options). Then I ran the meals through nutritional software to determine if they met RDI requirements. Part B of this project involved creating a production schedule for one recipe which included calculating percent yields and EP/AP. Part C was a detailed look at the kitchen equipment and kitchen layout.

Research Project on Lowering Fat Content in Coleslaw I worked with three group members to develop a coleslaw recipe with lower fat content than traditional coleslaw by changing only one ingredient. We created four different recipes, ran a sensory evaluation on a 20 person panel, and performed a line spread test of viscosity. I completed statistical analysis of our results, using statistical and nutritional software programs to write a full report. As a group, we presented our results to the class. Powerpoint Presentation Research Results

Purchasing Project from Queens College I discussed factors that effect purchasing, provided a meal pattern, developed a menu to serve 100 patients, and created a purchase order based on that menu.

Meal Planning and Management Project Given a tight budget, I created a three-course menu to serve four people. I priced out the menu, created a purchase order, time schedule and cooked my menu to serve to classmates.

Meal Planning and Nutrient Analysis I recorded a diet recall, used software to perform nutrient analysis, evaluated the results and used that information to create an ideal diet plan including modified versions to meet the needs of a variety of individuals.

Dietary Recall and Analysis Performed a 24 hour recall as well as keeping a 3 day food log. Compiled a nutrient analysis for both using myplate supertracker. Answered in depth discussion questions.